PrintAnnanda Chaga
Have you heard of the benefits of Chaga mushroom products? Chaga is one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants, a source of 200+ phyto nutrients, vitamins and minerals, and a powerful anti-stress nerve tonic. “Annanda Chaga harvests fully mature Chaga mushrooms from private lands in far Northern Ontario that are handpicked, air dried and organically certified. Our Chaga mushrooms are harvested with conservation, respect and sustainability in mind resulting in our line of premium Chaga Mushroom Tea, Chaga Mushroom powder, Chaga Mushroom Tincture and Chaga Mushroom skin care products. 100% VEGAN.”



SFTEprofileSweets From The Earth
218 Canarctic Dr., 647-436-2004,
If you haven’t tried Sweets From The Earth products by now, you’re missing out! Available in many locations from chain grocery stores, health food stores, to small cafés, Sweets From The Earth is a pioneer in great tasting vegan treats. Sweets from the Earth was founded over 12 years ago as an all natural vegan bakery. Our products are handmade in small batches using only the finest 100% plant based ingredients in either our DAIRY, EGG, PEANUT, NUT & SESAME FREE OR DAIRY, EGG, WHEAT & GLUTEN FREE bakeries. We offer a sinfully delicious assortment of cakes, cookies, bars & squares available at natural food stores, grocery stores, cafes and restaurants. All crafted without the use of refined sugars or artificial flavours / colours. Sweet. Natural. Sinfully delicious, ethical baked goods. Toronto Veg Card holders save 10% (in Sweets From The Earth location only, excluding specialty and wedding cakes).



NiceShoes2015-WebNice Shoes
Nice Shoes is a small shop with a big heart. “Nice Shoes is your source for vegan shoes, bags, wallets, belts & more. We are an independently owned vegan business. We carry shoes as well as accessories such as purses, bags, belts, wallets and more. We frequently support Canadian animal rights organizations and veg events. Order online or visit us in Vancouver.” Free shipping on orders over $100.



MurrsMenu_LogoMurr’s Menu,
Murr’s Menu brings fresh, wholesome, plant-powered foods to homes, businesses and special events, along with an online recipe centre for the world to enjoy. The culinary nutrition ninja behind the curtain is Mariah Craig, a Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert, specializing in plant-based, allergen-free, unprocessed foods. “Murr’s Menu is here to show you how colourful and delicious a plant-based lifestyle can be, and that the more clean foods you eat, the more alive you will feel. Our innovative and mouthwatering cuisine will allow you to celebrate flavour and texture while nourishing the body and impressing even the most discerning palette.” For more information, visit, and find them on Facebook and Twitter.



logopizzaflatApiecalypse Now! Pizza and Snack Bar
735 Bloor St. W., 416-516-4555,
Welcome to Toronto’s first vegan Pizza Shop & Snack Bar! “What’s a snack bar? That’s the real beautiful part of this whole thing–it’s basically your vegan junk food dreams come alive. Vegan Corn Dogs… Vegan Doughnuts… Vegan Cheezy Garlic Bread… Buffalo Ranch Salads and Vegan Not-Chicken Caesar Salads.” And the pizza? Delicous. “Our pizzas are done in an authentic pizza oven that never even one time has had meat in it… 1) We know how to make vegan cheese taste like the real thing 2) We make our own mock meat and we know how to cook it so it doesn’t taste like a mummy’s fingers 3) We understand how wholly sick you are or just eating tomato sauce and veggies.” And to top it off, they have four kinds of dipping sauces. Try a combo with a slice, drink and donut! It’s a great time to be vegan.





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