November 12, 2014 – November 13, 2014 all-day
The Vegan Lab
75 Hamilton Street
Toronto, ON M4M 2C7
95.00 + HST . discount for TVA members (please contact organizer)
Kristen Bethel Lepine

Working with Gluten-free grains

In the North American diet we have made such little use of grains except rice, and more recently, Quinoa. And the ways we use these grains are so limited! As a whole food vegan cook you’ll learn how to incorporate them into amazing dishes and textures, learn to cook them different ways, and improve their nutrition by the preparation techniques you use.

Sneak peak at the menu:

Grain and Miso sauce veg bowl, comforting Kasha breakfast bowl, rice and lentil meatballs with tangy marinara, millet zucchini patties

What’s great about our classes: The focus is on techniques and skills not recipes! This means you’ll be able to make ANYTHING with beans and lentils by the time you leave, and the focus is on practical, simple, delicious meals made for busy people