Join us this Friday with our special guest, travelling monk Navina Nirada Dasa, for a deep discussion on the happiness of pursuit, as well as for a soul-stirring session of mantra meditation and a drool-worthy vegan feast 😉

About the theme:
We live in a world of modernity that guarantees us freedom – at least in the Western world.

We see it, and study it, and defend it, whether we’re looking to salvage and savour it through our right to the freedom of expression, of assembly, of mobility, etc.
We might say we have freedom here… Including the freedom to be happy, and to work to achieve that happiness in whatever ways material nature makes obvious to us.
However, we are not guaranteed the actual achievement of happiness through these processes; we are only guaranteed the work and endeavour that we are told over and over again are our means towards pleasure.

The real question one should ask is,
“How and where can I find and achieve real, lasting happiness? WHERE IS IT?!”