February 23, 2014 @ 1:00 am
The Music Gallery (Part of the New World Series)
197 John Street
Toronto, ON M5T 1X6
$20 advance, $25 door
David Dacks
Returning Current : featuring Snowblink, Feist, and celebrated bioacoustics researcher Katy Payne @ The Music Gallery (Part of the New World Series)

This special encounter at the Music Gallery places Katy Payne’s stirring lecture about her findings about humpback whales and African elephants within an original musical context. Under Payne’s tutelage, Arts & Crafts recording artist Daniela Gesundheit (Snowblink), along with a choir of Toronto-based singers and instrumentalists, will examine and illuminate the vocalizations of the largest living mammals to see what we might discover about group identity, distance, competition, innovation, and empathy.

Participants in this show include Daniela Gesundheit and Dan Goldman (Snowblink), Leslie Feist, Anne Bourne, Alex Samaras, Alanna Stuart (Bonjay), Felicity Williams, Robin Dann (Bernice), Doug Tielli, Ivy Mairi (Kith & Kin), Isla Craig, Thom Gill (Thomas), Ryan Brouwer, and Alex Lukashevsky.

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