September 5, 2015 – November 29, 2015 all-day
Jai Yoga Studio
688 West Street
Richmond, MO 64085
Nahid Ameen

Humans are capable of evolving consciously which can bring them a sense of wholeness, well-being and expansion of awareness. Meditation is a tool of conscious evolution through which they not only discover their own unique nature, but also experience the universal consciousness which frees them from fear and suffering.
This Meditation Teacher Training Program, a unique synthesis of heart and mind, feelings and thought, soul and structure, is a comprehensive 200-hour certificate program certified by the Canadian Yoga Alliance (CYA-RYS200). This program offers you the opportunity to
1. Expand your knowledge and experience of meditation,
2. Deepen your meditative practice,
3. Detoxification and Rejuvenation practices will be learned to sustain and support a meditative practice for each individual constitution or Dosha.
4. Learn the skills required to design and facilitate meditation sessions for groups and individuals and
5. To experience meditation practices that are contemporary and accessible to both traditionally oriented seekers and to those who are steeped in the ways of science.
Meditation is a spontaneous and effortless state of being. However, daily life can often create stress, anxiety, fear and adverse thought processes that impede this natural state. This program integrates preparation techniques for relaxation, concentration and stress release through the complimentary sciences of Ayurveda and Yoga.
Who can apply: Students will study Holistic Nutrition, yoga kriyas, sound healing, mantra, and mudras as a support for a healthy mind body and spirit.
Aim of the program: The aim is to sustain, support and maintain a healthy state of mind and body as we delve into the art and science of meditative life and expansive conscious awareness.
This program offers an integrative approach to life that is grounded in science, education, well-being and the rights of the individual to create a holistic view of meditation.
COURSE: $2700 + HST Location: Toronto (Close Queen Street West or Osgoodge Station)
Payment plans are available. 2015 Course Start Date: September 05-06, 19-20, October 03-04, 17-18, 31
November 01, 14-15, 28-29

Modules: 1. Meditation: The Science of Conscious Evolution; the Art of Wholeness and Well-Being. 2. The Energy Centers of Chakras. 3. Your Natural Being – Lifestyle & Ethics. 4. Experiences of Meditation: Ego, Shadow, Soul and Universal Consciousness. 5. Teaching Methodology and Facilitation Skills. 6. Meditation: Techniques and Traditions. 7. Yoga: Preparation and Relaxation Techniques for Mediation and 8. Mind Food: Nutrition and Lifestyle for wellbeing