April 1, 2014 @ 11:00 pm
Centre for International Experience
33 Saint George Street
University of Toronto - St. George Campus, Toronto, ON M5S 1A4

Tons of homework, after school work, hours of reading, swallowing meals and waking up to coffee day after day. Unable to keep up with friends and can’t remember the last time you had the chance for a heart to heart. Stress seems to be the norm and rush through life the mantra. Get a life!

The sacrifice seems all worth it because of the allurement of desires being fulfilled in the future – is it all worth it? Does the prized future exist – or is it just a race to nowhere? A desire scan may help – ever asked yourself what is it that I am chasing after so fast? What is this burden that I carry through this race and why? Could I be smarter, faster and swifter if I knew exactly who I am, where am I headed and what is it that I want to experience when I get there?

Join us for the Yoga of stress busting as we scan the world of our desires and try to build a clearer sense of desire and direction with travelling Monk Devamrita Swami. He has been a monk for over 4 decades and travels to top Universities around the world inspiring students.

Enjoy a delicious dinner, mantra meditation and conversations with the monk.

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