October 20, 2015 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Marni Wasserman's Food Studio & Lifestyle Shop
510 Eglinton Avenue West
Toronto, ON M5N 1A5
Marni Wasserman

This raw-some seminar will take you on a journey into the heart of the world’s favourite food; CHOCOLATE!
Chocolate lovers rejoice, on October 20th, Shane and Angelito from Giddy Yoyo will explore the rich and wild history of CACAO, where it all began, how it evolved over the years and what it’s come to be today.

Choc-o-holics will appreciate the discussion of chocolate’s sustainability, heirloom vs. hybridized, the truth about the chocolate industry, and how chocolate is harvested, processed and turned into the chocolate bars you know and love.

This is a comprehensive fun, and delicious way to learn about nature’s most delicious treat.

During the chocolate TASTING session, you will have the opportunity to TASTE many delectable superfood-infused chocolate bars and live out your own personal Willy Wonka experience! Let’s hope Augustus Gloop doesn’t show up to this fun and entertaining class.

You’ll be empowered by knowing what to look for when purchasing your next delicious bar, what words like FAIR TRADE” and “raw” really mean, what ingredients to avoid and how to ultimately incorporate chocolate into your lifestyle in unique ways you’ve never heard before.

They will dive in deep to unlock the true healing nature of CACAO that ranks it as one of the healthiest superfoods on the planet! Learn the difference between healthy CACAO derived from natural sources and the kind you should stay away from. You don’t need a Golden Ticket, just REGISTER NOW for this amazing experience with Marni Wasserman.