June 12, 2013 @ 10:30 pm – June 13, 2013 @ 12:30 am
George Brown - St. James Campus
200 King Street East
Toronto, ON M5A
Mangal-Aarti Devi Dasi

Step away from the shadow and the deceptive pursuit of illusions, join us for an awakening and enlightening discussion with traveling monk, Yale University graduate and author of several books Devamrita Swami.

Only dreamers can succeed or can they ? Everyone has a dream. And those whose dreams seem to fit in smoothly with our dreams or even better, enhance our dreams become our friends. And together we get even more creative to weave a world of greater dreams. Somehow down the track we loose touch with reality and forget the ability to discriminate between reality and illusion. Ancient yoga texts of the east explain — namely, deep sleep, dreaming and wakefulness — are simply displays of various phases of conditional life. Who is the dreamer and what is the Ultimate dream ?

Many dream of University life as the best time of our lives. Others dream of relationships or successful careers – it doesn’t hurt to dream. Whatever you want is yours in a dream so it takes a really brave soul to want to wake up and check out what reality looks like. If you are the courageous kind, join us for a bold evening of discussion and questions with Devamrita Swami. Delicious vegan meal and soul stirring meditation to stir your hunger.

* Event location subject to change, kindly check or call organizer website for updates.

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