July 31, 2015 – August 3, 2015 all-day
VAST Camping Trip
Harmony Acres
Phoenix, AZ 85020
V.A.S.T.: Veg*n Adventures & Socials in Toronto

Jim Szeto has graciously offered to plan the camping trip this year, however he is not on Facebook…. so, specific questions need to be directed to him through his email account: jim_szeto@yahoo.com

If for some reason you don’t receive a response from Jim, please don’t hesitate to contact me via Facebook at Tara K.

He wrote the following information about the trip:

“A group site and an adjacent normal site have been reserved for us for July 31-Aug 3 (in on July 31, leave Aug 3).

The number of tents depends on how many will fit so the size of the tents matters. Larger tents will sleep more people per tent area vs smaller tents which sleeps fewer per tent area. If I recall, the last time I was there we had a larger tent and 3 or 4 small tents. Then we had 2 or 3 small tents on the adjacent site.

I calculated just under $37.50 per person for camping only for the 3 night weekend including HST assuming 16 people. Food and other expenses not included.

The campground is called Harmony Acres (website: harmonyacres.ca).

Harmony Acres is on the east side of Hwy 6 about half way between Cyprus Lake Provincial Park and Tobermory (i.e. about 12km from each). The showers are free (i.e. no additional cost) and not time
controlled. Recommended activities for the weekend

1) Hiking on Bruce
Trail – typically we would enter Cyprus Lake Provincial Park
and hike to the Bruce Trail from there. The hike passes
Cyprus Lake itself which is shallow for quite a distance out
(chest height about 40m from shore) and is a comfortable
temperature for splashing around after the hike. The Bruce
Trail goes along Georgian Bay where there are cliffs along
most of the trail that drop right into the Bay. In other
places the trail brings us down to the level of the Bay.
Terrain is similar to elsewhere on the Bruce Trail. The
shore of Cyprus Lake is pebbly so sandals or similar
footwear is recommended for the less foot hardy. There is
a cost to enter Cyprus Lake Provincial Park (approx.

2) Take glass bottom boat to Flower Pot Island – The glass bottom boat will take us over some shipwrecks in the area. The views through the glass bottom are narrow (i.e. not wide view) so are not that impressive. There is hiking on Flower Pot Island mostly along the shore similar in terrain to Bruce Trail. Flower pots are rock formations left behind by erosion. The ferry costs about $30/person although we may be able to save a few bucks if we have enough people for the group rate.

3) Visit
Tobermory. Gift shops, ice cream (for non-vegans), bars,

***No more than 16 people may join this trip.