Discount Profile: Loving Hut

Care of Jason Doucette   Fried wontons from Loving Hut Those of you who have seen the cover of the 2011 Vegetarian Directory might be interested to know that several of the photos are of food from Loving Hut, thanks to the photography skills of Jennifer from They’re actually from a British Columbia location,… Read more »

Discount Profile: Kensington Natural Bakery

After the 2010 TVA annual general meeting a few of us decided to grab a bite to eat, so we went old school on Bloor and reconnected with Kensington Natural Bakery & Café (460 Bloor Street West, 416-534-1294). Maybe one of our readers can correct us, but this might just be the oldest vegetarian eatery… Read more »

Discount Profile: Moonbean Coffee Company

Care of Terri Coles It’s hard to overstate the value of a great coffee shop — it’s a source for caffeine, clearly, but also for delicious treats and perhaps more importantly, relaxation and chatting with friends. Moonbean in Kensington Market has all this covered. It’s not as fancy, inside or out, as some coffee shops… Read more »

Discount Profile: Fresh

Care of Terri Coles Fresh is a Toronto landmark at this point. They were on the vegetarian train before a lot of other restaurants caught on, and their concept has been copied endless times. It’s still worth coming to the original source though; I’ve yet to have a juice or smoothie in the city that beats the ones… Read more »

Discount Profile: Greens Vegetarian Restaurant

Photo care of Prairie Vegan We often think we need to choose between affordable prices and a luxurious atmosphere when it comes to dining. But not at Greens Vegetarian Restaurant. Walking into Greens for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised at the very nice decor: padded white booths, a beautiful stone wall and dark… Read more »

Discount Profile: Vegetarian Haven

Care of Terri Coles This review almost didn’t happen. My friend and I stopped by Vegetarian Haven on a Saturday evening. Baldwin Street is an unassuming side street with surprisingly cool options for food and shopping, and apparently Vegetarian Haven is something of a hidden treasure. We managed to snag a table for two, but… Read more »

Le Commensal

Care of Chris Ekbatani I was completely surprised upon discovering there was a beautiful vegetarian restaurant so close to me everyday and I never even knew! (Note: We regret to inform Commensal is no longer entirely vegetarian). Le Commensal is tucked away by Toronto City Hall, in the heart of downtown, just blocks from shopping… Read more »

Discount Profile: M and B Yummy

Care of Chris Ekbatani A group of vegans chose M & B Yummy as our spot for a meetup back in January. That Friday night was a delightful experience. I must say that this restaurant is one of Toronto’s best kept veggie secrets! The authentic African cuisine is bound to turn one’s palate on, and… Read more »

Discount Profile: Cruda Cafe

Care of Angela Del Buono If you’ve never been to the St. Lawrence Market, it can be a bustling and often overwhelming place. Vegetarians are advised to stick to the lower level and forgo the sight of carcasses. But once you reach the lower level you can enjoy organic produce and bulk foods at Dominos,… Read more »

Discount Profile: Sadie’s Juice Bar and Ice Cream Parlour

Photo care of Toronto Life Fans of the fantastic Sadie’s Diner will be thrilled to hear that the sister location, Sadie’s Juice Bar and Ice Creem Parlour has expanded their menu beyond just freshly squeezed juice and ice creem (although these are both still in ample supply as well!) to include $5 sandwiches, a soup… Read more »