The Inner Life of Animals

  When Peter Wohlleben released his book The Hidden Life of Trees, it changed what many of us see during a walk in the woods. And in much the same way, his new book, The Inner Life of Animals, will likely change the way many of us look at animals. The Inner Life of Animals is… Read more »

Animal Profile: Pigs

Care of Bonnie Shulman    Photo care of Bonnie Shulman Nobody respects a pig. Just ask President Barack Obama, who famously tried to reduce rival John McCain by saying, “You know, you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.” Pigs are far more sophisticated than the President realizes. Watch pigs living… Read more »

Some Brief Chicken Chat

Care of Bonnie Shulman    A rooster at Riverdale Farm care of Bonnie Shulman The world treats chickens as commodities, their wings to be nibbled with beer, but watch these flightless birds living freely on a farm sanctuary, and you might never want to eat one again. Chickens enjoy living together in small flocks, sunning,… Read more »

Animal Profile: Glorious Goats

Care of Bonnie Shulman    Photo care of Bonnie Shulman Like other farm animals, goats are terribly understood. Get to know them and you’ll find they are intensely intelligent. Watch how a goat studies your face when he first meets you. You’ll know you’re getting the once-over from a seasoned investigator! A goat is looking… Read more »

Animal Profile: Ducks – A Lot to Quack About

Care of Bonnie Shulman   Pekin duck by Bonnie Shulman. These ducks are farmed for their eggs and meat. But how could you eat a creature so beautiful? It’s hard to know where to begin when I write about ducks, because ducks are my personal obsession. On my flickr site I have thousands of pictures… Read more »

Animal Profile: Give Geese a Chance

Photo care of Bonnie Shulman. Even though they bear our country’s name, it has often been suggested in Toronto that Canada Geese be shot and used as food for the poor. I would like to counter suggest that we learn to appreciate our namesake geese and learn to live with them, as they have learned to… Read more »

Animal Profile: Lobsters and Us

Care of Bonnie Shulman What do the movies Annie Hall and Julie & Julia have in common? Each features a gruesome scene in which a giggling woman struggles at the idea of putting a live lobster in a pot of boiling water, but does so anyways. Formulaic hilarity ensues. Why do people give in to… Read more »

Animal Profile: The Life of a Dairy Cow

Care of Bonnie Shulman   Got milk? Pity. If you’ve ever seen documentaries about farm animals like Peaceable Kingdom you’ll already know that cows are emotional animals with strong family bonds. Mother cows care for their calves and even other cows nearby will come over to meet a new calf and help out where they… Read more »

Animal Profile: Let’s Rave About Rabbits

Care of Bonnie Shulman   I first read Richard Adams’ Watership Down in my 30s. It became my life’s best book, defining my thoughts on life and death, war, conflict and friendship, personality and destiny. Watership Down is about rabbits. Each rabbit represents one of us. Read the book again, it’s worth at least 30… Read more »

Animal Profile: Be Kind to Fish

Care of Bonnie Shulman   Since the dawn of time people have been catching and eating fish without giving the fish a second thought, as though they were inanimate objects, as though being drowned in air was not a big deal to the fish. All that desperate flapping of their fins onboard fishing boats –… Read more »