Vegetarian Easter: Recipes and tips

Easter is a celebration of resurrection and rebirth, so it is the perfect occasion for everyone – veggies and non-veggies alike – to enjoy a delicious meat-free meal. Here are some helpful resource for finding vegetarian Easter recipes. For vegetarian Passover recipes, click here. Musubi Easter Eggs Vegan Lunch Box has a post about making Easter… Read more »

Healthy vegetarian & vegan lunch ideas

Start your vegetarian meal plan right with delicious vegan lunch ideas Great vegetarian and vegan lunch ideas can be key to sticking to a budget and maintaining a healthy vegetarian diet plan. From easiest to hardest Buying lunch See our fast food page for what’s available at the chains in the way of veggie burgers, pizza, burritos,… Read more »

Vegan sandwich recipes

Tofu Club Sandwich Photo: Mike Crooker by Colleen Shea Question I’m sick of taking peanut butter and jam sandwiches to school every day for lunch – please give me some new ideas! One way to spice up that old classic is to try different nut butters and unusual jams. One of my favourite variations… Read more »

Farmers’ markets opens at Artscape Wychwood Barns

The Stop’s Farmers’ Market opens year-round 76 Wychwood (s. of St Clair at Christie)’s-farmers’-market The Stop’s Farmers’ Market is now open year-round (Saturdays May-Oct 8am-noon outside, Nov-Apr 9am-noon indoors) in the new Artscape Wychwood Barns project. This former TTC maintainance barn has become a multifaceted community centre with arts and culture, environmental leadership, a… Read more »

The Vegetarian Culture of Malaysia

TANPA DAGING MASAKAN The South East Asian nation of Malaysia is also a haven for vegetarian delicacies. Its 21 million inhabitants, who spread over 329,725 square kilometres through the island chain of the South China Sea, have been waving the vegetarian flag for centuries now. The history of Malaysian cuisine reveals the diversity of its… Read more »

Foraging for wild berries in the city

Written by Stephen Leckie Late June is mulberry season in Canada. These juicy black berries grow in great abundance on trees in Toronto and many other cities. Saskatoon berries are also available at this time of year. You can find these purple berries in parks growing on bushes or slender trees. Foraging for wild fruit… Read more »

Romantic restaurants in Toronto – fine dining guide

The following places offer vegetarian fine dining with full table service or a fancy buffet. They all have elegant dining rooms and are open for dinner until at least 9pm. Many have dim lighting or candlelight. Some of the vegetarian restaurants listed below do not serve alcohol, but they make up for it with other… Read more »

Five healthy habits from around the world

Adapted from a 2007 article at about five healthy eating habits learned from the traditional diets of cultures around the world. 1. Eat plenty of produce and whole grains Traditionally in China, the diet consists primarily of vegetables, fruits and whole grains. And in Greece, vegetables and legumes are main meals, not just side… Read more »

Simple Vegetarian Meal Ideas

Here are some suggestions for preparing a delicious and satisfying vegetarian meal. Main meals Hearty soup. Start with water or a soup base made from vegetable bouillon cubes, vegetable juice, tomato juice or packaged soup mixes. Add potatoes, split peas, lentils, carrots, spinach or any leftover vegetables. Season with bay leaves, salt, herbs or miso…. Read more »

Surviving a holiday dinner

There are ways to make everyone feel comfortable when holiday plans include both vegetarian and non-vegetarian guests. Sections below: Catering to vegetarians Being invited to a home where meat is being served Inviting non-vegetarians to your home Time saving tips Holidays E-cards Catering to vegetarians (when you aren’t one yourself) There are ways to make… Read more »