Pizza and pasta places: vegetarian options: Updated February 2017


APieCalypse Now Pizza & Snack Bar

Toronto’s all-vegan pizza shop and snack bar! Featuring a wide variety of vegan pizzas with and without vegan cheese. Famous for their Mac and Charlie pizza with vegan mac and cheese on the pizza, plus a daily variety of unique and creative vegan donuts and other desserts. Located at Bloor and Christie.

Khalsa Pizza

Located in Brampton, Ontario

Our family-owned pizza place is the one and only 100% vegetarian pizza restaurant in Brampton. We also offer vegan options, including vegan and veggie burgers. Veg card holders get 10% (excluding specials)

Magic Oven

This award-winning Toronto-based take-out chain has a few locations serving creative, alternative food with fresh, local and organic ingredients. TVA members get 10% off with the Toronto Veg Card.


Blaze Pizza

A “build your own” pizza place at Yonge and Dundas. The crust is vegan, they have vegan cheese and there are many vegetarian toppings available.

Mamma’s Pizza

This Toronto-based chain has a variety of vegetarian and vegan toppings. Three pizza selections are vegan, or you can order a custom pizza. Mamma’s has Daiya vegan cheeze as well as vegetarian sausage you can add to your pizza or panzerrota. Many locations across Toronto.

Panago Pizza

This pizza chain has more than 160 locations in western and central Canada, including 7 in Toronto. Panago offers Daiya cheeze topping for a small extra charge. As of June 2015, all of Panago’s pizza crusts are vegan. Not all sauces are vegan, but the Italian and Passata tomato sauces are. Panago also has some healthier fast food choices such as a Antipasto Salad (hold the goat cheese), Garden Salad and Mediterranean Salad. For full details of allergens and ingredients visit:

Pizza Nova

Several locations in Toronto and southern Ontario

Pizza Nova is an Ontario-based pizza chain. Both the standard dough and the gluten free dough are vegan. The two kinds of tomato sauce are also vegan. Pizza Nova has Daiya cheese available at no extra charge.

Pizza Pizza

More than 500 Canadian locations, mainly in Ontario.

As of February, 2017 Pizza Pizza joins the list of chain pizza places to offer vegan cheese as an option. Click here for their full list of ingredients in various items.


32 locations in the Toronto Area

Pizzaiolo has three vegan pizza selections and others that are vegetarian. It offers a rare opportunity to get vegan pizza by the slice. All of the vegetarian and vegan pizzas are “Health Check” approved by the Heart and Stroke Foundation

One Pizza

One Pizza in downtown Toronto offers Daiya cheese, although they charge extra for it. Click here for menu details.

Domino’s Pizza

Not recommended as they do not offer a vegan cheese and most of their sauces are not even vegan.

Little Caesar’s

This page details their

They state that their dough and sauce do not contain milk or eggs, so you could order a pizza with no cheese but they do not carry vegan cheese.

Pizza Hut: Note – Not updated since 2009. Do you know about the veg options at Pizza Hut? email!

Approx. 34,000 locations in 100 countries.

U.S. – Pizza Hut only has the Cheese Lovers Pizza and the Veggie Lover’s Pizza according to their website, but you can create your own (except not online). All three of the tomato sauces are vegan and most of the doughs are except for the Pan Dough and the Personal Pan Pizza Dough which contain dairy. There are no vegetarian pastas. See

Canada – Update 2017: It’s been reported that Pizza Hut Canada offers no vegan crusts at this time. Check when you are ordering. –There are five vegetarian pizzas and you can create your own (except not when ordering online). The only vegan crust is the Thin N’ Crispy except in Quebec the Hand Tossed crust is also vegan. The one pasta option is spaghetti and tomato sauce, but it contains egg. The bruschetta and garlic bread are vegetarian (contains whey). There is a vegan Warm Spinach Salad with French dressing. See

UK – Each vegetarian dish has a symbol. There are four veggie pizzas and you can create your own. The Pan Pizza and The Italian crusts are vegan and so is the tomato sauce. There are also four vegetarian pasta dishes. The Arrabiata pasta is vegan. And there is a soup, salad, garlic bread and potato wedges (vegan), bruschetta (dairy) and Crispy Tortilla Pizza. Some stores have vegan fries and onion rings. See–deals/dietary-information.aspx (click on the Allergy information)

Jan 2009: Ingredient information is no longer available on the U.S. and Canada sites.