Vegetarian fast food - Hot Beans burritoVegetarian fast food options are becoming more widely available as veg diets gain popularity. Substantial options such as veggie burgers, pizza, and sandwiches are now available at many fast food restaurants in Toronto and beyond.

Why is this important? Having vegan and vegetarian fast food options widely and easily available makes it easier to maintain a plant-based diet. Fast food may be the only available option in some suburbs, along highways or late at night. At such times a local and independent vegetarian-friendly restaurant may be hard to come by.

Vegan & vegetarian fast food options by category: Unless otherwise noted the following pages were updated in the Summer 2014

Asian Fast Food Restaurants: Updated January 2016
Burger Chains: Updated January 2016
Chicken Chains Updated January 2016
Subs, Pitas and Falafels
Pizza and Pasta Places: Updated January 2016
Burritos and Tacos

Casual & Family Restaurant Chains
Other Fast Food Places (Tim Hortons, New York Fries, Pickle Barrel)

In a discussion over on, someone wrote that they thought it was unreasonable to expect a place famous for meat to break stride and create a vegetarian option. But another commenter points out that fast food places bill themselves as “family” restaurants. “What family in their right mind is going to trek all over the block trying to feed the (usual) token veg?”

Seems to me that a restaurant should be trying to cater to the whole family… One or two veg options shouldn’t be a big deal.”

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