Buddha Chay Vegetarian Restaurant

1784 Jane St, Toronto
  • All vegetarian*
  • No organics
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Wheelchair accessible restrooms
  • No gluten free options

About Buddha Chay Vegetarian Restaurant

Buddha Chay Vegetarian Restaurant is located on 1784 Jane St., just north of Lawrence, an underserved area for vegetarian and vegan options. We serve a huge selection of Vietnamese specialties, including banh mi, spring rolls, fresh rolls, wonton, and special vegetarian fish sauce! There are also many rice and noodle dishes, and many mocks meat options. Our mock shrimp, chicken legs and fish are handmade with passion from auntie (Thi)
Our mission is to serve affordable, healthy and tasty vegetarian meals to the community.

Contact Buddha Chay with any questions or comments via our contact form: buddhachay.ca/contact/