Tender, Love and Carrots

2209 Bloor St. W, Toronto
Veg Card holders save 15%
  • All vegan*
  • No organics
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Gluten free

About Tender, Love and Carrots

TLC is located inside The Healing Source Pharmacy. Happily serving you fresh juices, teas, and cleanses. The knowledgeable staff at TLC are available to consult with you on your nutrition needs and help you to not only create a cleanse that suits your expectations but are also there to assist you in the pre and post cleanse process. This is designed to ensure that you are able to maximize the positive effects of the cleanse while minimizing the possible negative side effects associated with cleansing. The TLC menu offers a variety of made to order juices, smoothies and cold press juices. The menu offers delicious flavor combinations but we are also happy to customize drinks to accommodate customers.