Veggie D'Light

160 Baldwin St, Toronto
  • All vegetarian*
  • Organic emphasis
  • Gluten free options

About Veggie D'Light

When you try Veggie D'Light's meals, you will be amazed by mouthwatering vegetarian and vegan dishes accented with fabulous international herbs and spices. Enjoy our food at our take-out/restaurant location in Kensington Market, or we also offer catering and meal delivery. Veggie D'Light caters to your pallet. By completing our client profile form, you can let us know what your personal preferences and dietary needs are. Whether you like your food picante or whether you prefer a more smooth savory taste, Veggie D'Light can prepare a great tasting meal, especially for you. The best part of this service is the convenience of having your meals delivered to your doorstep once a week. This will eliminate all of your worries about what you will eat after coming home from a long day, as your meals will be waiting for you.

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