Lotuspond Vegetarian Restaurant

3838 Midland Ave, Scarborough
416- 412-3140

Veg Card holders save 10%
  • All vegetarian*
  • Some organic
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Wheelchair accessible restrooms
  • Gluten free options

About Lotuspond Vegetarian Restaurant

We offer a wide selection of delicious vegetarian Chinese foods. Share a selection of our dim sum, including veg-dumplings and faux-meat buns. We also offer a variety of congee dishes and rice and noodle bowls with stir fry, many vegetables, tofu, and various mock meats. Vegetarians and friends will enjoy our welcoming atmosphere and delicious cuisine!

TVA says

Elegant vegetarian Chinese restaurant with over 60 dishes - Szechuan, sweet & sour, some spicy. Dim sum in the morning. Cash only.