1. Business Membership with the Toronto Vegetarian Association shall be available to any business that provides value, in the TVA’s opinion, to Toronto-area vegetarians and vegans.

2.  The Toronto Vegetarian Association will deliver, to the best of its ability, the Business Membership Deliverables specified to eligible Business Members.

3.  The Toronto Vegetarian Association reserves the right to decline new Business Memberships for any reason.

4.  The Toronto Vegetarian Association reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions governing Business Memberships at its discretion. In the event that these terms and conditions are modified, TVA will notify Business Members in a timely manner.

5.  Applicants to the Business Membership program must provide their Business Registration Number before approval.

6.  TVA reserves the right to decline any ad or messaging that is contrary to its mission or charitable purpose. Religious or political proselytizing will not be promoted through the Business Membership program.

7.  Each Business Member may use the Toronto Vegetarian Association logo to promote their status as a Business Member only. A “Proud TVA Member” graphic will be provided by TVA. This promotion cannot be used in any way that is perceived as an endorsement by the Toronto Vegetarian Association of the Business Memberʼs company, product, or service without written approval from the Toronto Vegetarian Association.

8.  Each Business Member must comply with terms of use for TVA’s logo. Business membership includes the use of TVA’s logo (i.e., “Proud TVA Member”) however all usage must receive prior approval, in writing, by TVA. TVA’s logo can only be used by the approved business. Should a Business Member modify its use of the logo in a way that TVA does not condone, permission to use such logo will be withdrawn (including any and all printed materials). TVA will not be held financially liable for any matters. Once a business ceases to exist or be a paid in full member, use of TVA’s logo must be withdrawn within 30 days. Failure to do so may result in action and the business would be liable for any and all legal costs associated with unauthorized usage.

9.  The Toronto Vegetarian Association reserves the right to cancel this contract and to revoke Business Membership status for any reason. In the event that the contract is cancelled within six months of approval, 100% of the Business Membership fee will be refunded. In the event the contract after more than six months, 50% of the Business Membership fee will be refunded.

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Questions? Visit our Business Membership FAQ page! You can also call the TVA office at 416-544-9800, or email directory@veg.ca.