On this week’s episode, Jeanette gives her review of her recent trip to Vancouver including stops at Nice Shoes, Vegan Supply, Virtuous Pie and the Arbor. We wish Shalini well as she embarks on a two year backpacking trip through South-East Asia and South America. She shares some of her planning tips for travelling while vegan. And Steve shares his strategy for a biking/camping excursion, and taking the train across Canada. We also chat about the upcoming Vegan Rock! fundraiser, and the 5 ingredient challenge from the Vegan Baking Group.

Vegan Rock! 9 is graciously sponsored by Green Zebra Kitchen, Mama VeganSick on Sin, Tori’s Bakeshop, Truth Belts, Vegan Stokes Cheeses, and Vegetarian Haven.

Listen Here: Veg Out June 3