Care of Barbi Lazarus and Emily Thompson

Sometimes you just need to leave the cooking to someone else so you can have a bit more time to yourself for a quiet afternoon on the couch with the cats, or an evening yoga class.

Recently, we did just that thanks to delicious meals from Upbeet Foods, a local, vegan meal delivery service that launched in September of 2016.

We started off the day with a hearty tofu vegetable scramble with seasoned mini potatoes. The scramble had great flavour with just a bit of kick, and the potatoes were cooked perfectly: crispy on the outside and soft on the inside!

For lunch, there was a kale, beet and chickpea salad. It was the perfect combination of fresh and crunchy, topped off with a delicious tahini dressing. It left us feeling satiated thanks to the mixture of greens, and the proteins, to fuel a productive afternoon!

To finish off the day, we enjoyed a delicious pumpkin pasta that came with a side of green beans.

Not only did we get to enjoy delicious food for a day, it was also great to feel like we were eating healthy, colourful, whole foods even though we weren’t cooking the food ourselves.

Discount: 15% off your first week of meal delivery

Veg Status: All vegan

Where: Place your order here!