Vitamin D is an important nutrient for vegetarians and vegans to supplement with. It is a fact that it is not common in vegetarian foods (and actually it is found in few non-vegetarian foods too), and getting your Vitamin D from the sun by going out in the sunshine without sporting sunscreen isn’t a great idea either!

There is no shame in taking supplements to ensure you have optimal health on a plant-based diet. So here’s what you need to know about finding a good Vitamin D supplement in Toronto.

Vitamin D2 is usually vegan, however some people’s bodies do not absorb it very well even in supplement form, and so they require Vitamin D3. However, Vitamin D3 is often not vegan (it can be derived from sheep’s wool).

The catch here is that vegan Vitamin D3 is not commonly found in Toronto (yet!). If you’d like to have an easier time purchasing in Toronto, you could give Vitamin D2 a try and have your blood levels tested after a few months. If your Vitamin D levels are not optimal, then you will want to try and find Vitamin D3 in Toronto, or order it from a vegan supplier such as Vegan Essentials.

Vitamin D2: Vegan Vitamin D2 is found in pretty much any health/natural food store in Toronto. A common brand is D Drops.

Vitamin D3: Whole Earth and Sea makes a vegan Vitamin D3 which has been spotted at the Big Carrot and Noah’s, and AOR Classic also makes a vegan Vitamin D3 which has been spotted at Healthy Planet, Essence of Life and Tutti Frutti.

Have you seen vegan Vitamin D3 for sale elsewhere in the GTA? Email so we can update this resource!

Want more info about healthy Vitamin D levels and why it’s important to supplement? Check out Jack Norris’ post about Vitamin D (registered dietitian).