sonal at just falafelIt’s ironic that this place is called “Just” falafel, because it’s menu is extremely wide and varied with all kinds of wraps you wouldn’t expect. For any of their “falafel” sandwiches, you can choose for a traditional falafel patty (your choice of fried or baked, and in your choice of white or whole wheat tortilla) or crispy, breaded Gardein veggie chicken.

On one occasion I tried the Masala falafel, with the Gardein chicken. It was large and satisfying and the fusion of Indian and middle eastern flavours was outstanding and unlike anything I’ve had before. Other options just to give you an idea of the variety include Mexican, Italian or traditional.

But if you’re not in the mood for a wrap or falafel, they also have an extensive menu of sides and salads. My friend tried a salad with falafels and a tahini dressing over a big bed of greens, which she thoroughly enjoyed as well.

They even have options for breakfast and some Sweets from the Earth treats for desserts. This is their first location in Canada, but they’re an international chain, so let’s hope more franchises open up in the GTA!

Discount: 10% off

Veg Status: All vegetarian, vegan options are clearly marked

Where: 831 Bay Street (just north of College)