By Autumn Ladouceur, former TVA Communications Intern

Being vegan means that buying a box of chocolates for your loved one this Valentine’s Day can be a bit more challenging. Here are some vegan treats on the market for this love-filled occasion.

This year Toronto welcomed its first ever vegan deli called “Yam Chops” on College. They sell everything from vegan tuna salad, to cupcakes and this year they have been my favourite spot to buy yummy gifts.

This Valentine’s Day one option for that perfect gift is the Snack Attack Munchie Pack gift basket from “Yam Chops”. It contains go-to vegan treats, like seaweed snacks and dark chocolate, but it has some new and exciting snacks like vegan cheese popcorn, and vegan chocolate truffles.

An old faithful of mine for Valentine’s Day are the Go Max Go vegan chocolate bars. They have perfected vegan versions of all your sweety’s favourite candy bars. Some of the best ones are their “Mahalo” bar, which tastes like a “Bounty”, the “Cleo’s” peanut butter cups, which taste like “Reese’s” peanut butter cups and the “Buccaneer” bar, which tastes like a “Three Musketeer”.

Lastly, if you want to buy your partner-in-crime the best cupcake in Toronto (in my humble opinion), stop by One Love vegetarian restaurant and pick up their Sweets From The Earth cupcakes. They stock the best flavors, my favourite being the Hibiscus cupcake. If you call in advance, you can even order larger quantities of cupcakes straight from One Love.

And, if cupcakes aren’t your sweetheart’s favourite, Sweets From The Earth also makes brownies, cookies, candy bars, Nanaimo bars and more. They even sell tubes of vegan cookie dough and brownie mix if you want a simple way to make your ol’ ball and chain something by hand.

They are selling Valentine’s Day specials like heart shaped pink cookies, and gift baskets. Get ‘em while they’re hot!

If these treats don’t win you their heart I owe you a cupcake! Also, check out this Toronto Vegetarian Association post on the best Valentine’s Day specials in the city this year. Happy Valentine’s Day.