Care of Lisa Pitman

Photo care of Vegan Cookbook Critic

1. Add fresh sprouts to any salad or rice bowl to boost the nutritional profile.

2. Dump a handful of green sprouts (e.g. sunflower sprouts) into a fruit smoothie to satisfy your greens quotient.
3. Make your own Essene or Manna bread by combining sprouted wheat berries, a drizzle of olive oil and your favourite flavour additions (raisins, cinnamon, nuts, seeds, etc.). Bake small loaves slowly at a low heat in your oven or dehydrator.
4. Enjoy sprouted quinoa or sprouted lentils as the base of a hearty summer salad.
5. Stuff a handful of sprouts into a whole wheat pita with roasted veggies and hummus for a protein-packed lunch.
6. Wander over to your local juice-bar for a shot of wheatgrass sprouts.
7. Use sprouted flax or chia as the base for an Omega-rich cracker.
8. Enrich your favourite smoothie with extra protein by the powder of ground sprouts – lentil, flax, chia, pea (you can make your own or use a commercial source like Vega).
9. Puree green sprouts into your favourite dips – hummus, white bean, nuts – to add fresh flavour.
10. Beautify your plate by garnishing everything this summer with a handful of sprouts (all the restaurants are doing it). Pizza, soup, salad – it all looks fresher with a little sprout action.