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Mexican is not necessarily the most vegan- or vegetarian-friendly cuisine, what with the common pork, sour cream and cheese. But at Rancho Relaxo, there’s a nice vegetarian menu (look for the green leaf beside menu items), and nearly all items on the regular menu can be made vegetarian or vegan upon request. There’s soy-based sour cream and cheese on offer, and you can sub out the meat for tofu or wheat-based meat substitutes in many dishes — or just get them to amp up the veggies.

They also have several gluten-free options as well, including a beer on tap. Restaurant manager Alicia (of Pink Hart Diner fame) is vegan herself, so you can feel confident that the staffs knows what you’re trying to avoid in your meal. The tofu borracho has a great sauce, and definitely try the deep-fried ice cream — available with both dairy and soy-based ice cream.

TVA Discount? 10% off

Veg Status? Not a vegetarian restaurant, but almost any dish can be made as a vegan version

Where? 300 College St (w. of Spadina)