Bello Bio

Care of Angela Del Buono

There are a few things that are still hard to find as a vegan; tiger tail ice cream, sour cream and onion chips, lemon meringue pie… and fresh pasta. Until now!

Dun dun dunnnn! At Bello Bio, Di Martino Imports brings in vegan, organic, gluten-free products from Italy. I picked up fresh linguini noodles and spelt spinach ravioli, and coming from an Italian background, I can tell you this stuff hit the spot! It’s everything I remember fresh pasta being!

Di Martino also carries vegan cheeses. I tried the MozzaRisella and it was perfect as dollops on my pizza. Don’t forget the Muscolo Di Grano brand of
meat-alternative slices like salami, steak, cutlets and roast beef.

Visit their flagship storefront in the Beach and use your Toronto Veg Card for 10% off!

Discount: 10% off

Veg Status? All vegan!

Where? 2308 Queen Street East