Vegetarian Thanksgiving 2012


October 1, 2012

[image: Art work showing a turkey sitting with people at a table eating a vegetarian meal]

Illustration by PJ Chimiel, printed by permission. See for more art, and food photos.

This Canadian Thanksgiving enjoy a vegetarian feast. We have tips on what to serve and links to the best recipes.

Thanksgiving is also about celebrating the harvest. Farmers’ markets are the best places to find fresh seasonal produce such as squash, pumpkins, corn, tomatoes, green beans, potatoes, peppers, arugula, kale, broccoli, etc.

Avoid stress when vegetarians and meat eaters will be at the same meal. See our Surviving a holiday dinner page for suggestions on:

  • Catering to vegetarians (when you aren’t one yourself)
  • Being invited to a home where meat is being served
  • Inviting non-vegetarians to your home

Sections below:
Time saving tips
Holiday recipes
Celebrating in Toronto

 Time saving tips

  • Call a vegetarian-friendly restaurant [Toronto, World Links] and order an entrée or side dish that you can pick up. Bring your own containers. Le Commensal (several locations in Quebec and one in Toronto) has an excellent selection in their buffet. They also carry pre-packaged savoury pies, pâtés, fancy desserts, etc.
  • Larger natural food stores [Toronto, World Links] carry Tofurky (“a bird-free feast with all the trimmings”) and a wide variety of vegetarian dips, pâtés, faux meats, frozen entrees, non-dairy ice cream, pies, and much more.
  • Arrange for some of the guests to contribute a dish.
  • Prepare some of the items ahead of time. Use easy recipes that you are already familiar with.

Holiday recipes

[image: green beans and cranberries]Vegetarian Holidays information & recipe sheet
View our printable two-page holiday fact sheet: vegetarian-holiday.pdf (180 kb). It includes the following recipes: Easy Festive Bake, Stuffed Tofu Turkey, Good Gravy, Sweet Potato and Parsnip Casserole, Chestnut Soup with Greens, and Ginger Cranberry Mincemeat Pie.

Roasted Chestnuts
How to select, roast and serve chestnuts.

Thanksgiving recipe links

Vegan Lunch Box Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup: Click here.
Vegan recipe site by PETA, with special holiday menus – see Harvest recipes, and a Celebrate a Vegan Holiday. (formerly Recipe Zaar)
57,000+ | Ratings | Nutrition info | Change servings | Flag recipes | Many photos
They have over 1300 recipes marked as vegetarian and Thanksgiving (285+ of them are marked as vegan). Excellent search and sort feature. You can also search for other holidays.
9,000+ | Ratings | All vegan | Flag recipes | Some photos
Over 60 vegan Thanksgiving recipes.

All Recipes
3,900+ | Ratings | Nutrition info | Change servings | Flag recipes | Some photos
A search for Vegetarian Thanksgiving yields several choices.

See Top recipe sites for more detailed information about many of the above sites.

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