Do you want to help TVA grow to become a stronger organization, better supporting Toronto’s veg communities through a solid inventory of resources, educational, social and event programming? Think you can help TVA expand our selection of resources and events for the veg community in the GTA?

Description: As part of the Toronto Vegetarian Association’s 2011-2013 Strategic Plan, we want to expand the community resources, and event and educational programming that we offer to support Toronto’s existing vegetarian community as well as those interested in adopting a vegetarian diet.

The community animator will assist in this process by consulting with the community to determine the resources, events and educational prograaming people are looking for to support a plant-based lifestyle, reviewing the ways that TVA’s current resources succeed at meeting those needs, and recommending opportunities to improve the resources we offer to support the community.

Expectations/qualifications: We are looking for an organized self-starter with a knack for analytical thinking and planning. Experience gathering and analyzing qualitative information from a diverse set of stakeholders and a strong familiarity with the Toronto veg community and the mission, vision, and values of the Toronto Vegetarian Association are both strong assets.

Next steps: Please make sure to read the full position description here . Apply by January 23rd by sending your résumé along with a letter describing your interest in the position and any relevant skills, education or experience to:

David Alexander, Executive Director,, fax: 416-544-9094