For our 2010 Year of Compassion, the Toronto Vegetarian Association has taken on a very fitting and special campaign – to help Ontario’s local farm sanctuaries. These sanctuaries selflessly rescue and take care of farm animals. To support their work, TVA is proud to announce the creation of our Support Local Farmed Animal Sanctuaries (SLFAS) campaign.

In order to support the great work being done by farm animal sanctuaries in Ontario, TVA has joined forces with Animal Outreach, a London, Ontario registered charity, whose mission is to provide shelter and care for abandoned, neglected, unwanted injured and abused domesticated animals – including domestic farm animals!

Animal Outreach works with animal rescue groups and individuals to rehabilitate animals and place them in foster homes until a suitable permanent home or sanctuary can be found. Animal outreach also supports feral cat rescue and TNR programs and provides financial assistance for rescues.

Florine Morrison, co-founder of Animal Outreach:



Tel. # 519-439-3287


Of particular interest to TVA is Animal Outreach’s work with five Ontario farm animal sanctuaries: The Roosters Inn veggie B&B/farm sanctuary, Cedar Row farm sanctuary, Ruby Ranch pig sanctuary, Snooters pig sanctuary, and Refuge RR for Horses/The Canadian H.E.A.R.T. These sanctuaries need all of the support they can get to pay for expenses associated with saving and nurturing their rescued animals.

Our Support Local Farm Sanctuaries campaign will work with Animal Outreach to support the work of these five sanctuaries through fundraising and awareness-building. To learn more, visit, and keep your eyes open for future announcements in about this campaign in Lifelines.

Without further ado, we would like to introduce you to five farm sanctuaries who are doing great work in Ontario.

The Roosters Inn veggie B&B/farm sanctuary- located in Port Perry, Ontario and has been operating for 3 years. Funds raised from their B&B are used for food, shelter, and veterinary care for the rescued animals on their farm sanctuary. They have 56 rescued animals in total, including: goats, chickens, roosters, ducks, a turkey, chinchillas, guinea pigs, rabbits, and 2 house cats.  More information at

 At Cedar RowCedar Row farm sanctuary – located in Lakeside, Ontario (near London, ON) started in 1999 when the co-owner was pregnant with twins. They take care of 75 rescued animals, including goats, pigs, donkeys, chickens, ducks, and a dog. They welcome volunteer working visits to their sanctuary, where people can help contribute to the much needed farm work to be done, as well as get to visit the animals. Please check their website for more details about their working visits. More information at

Ruby Ranch pig sanctuary – located in Kenilworth, Ontario (near Mount Forest)  started in 2008, inspired by Ruby, their first pot-bellied pig, they got in 2004, and now have 17 animals in total, 7 farm pigs and 10 pot-bellied pigs. They welcome visitors on any Sunday throughout the summer, and they will also be organizing a few official open houses, separate from the TVA’s.  For more information, please call 647-261-9583. You can read their pig’s stories and also visit their blog on their website. More information at

Trixie at  SnootersSnooters pig sanctuary located in Uxbridge, Ontario started in 2001, and has a total of 25 animals not including their 13 peafowl (peacocks).  Out of those 25 animals they have 7 potbellied pigs, 5 big pigs (farm size), 2 horses, 4 dogs, 2 cats, a parrot, and 4 chickens, and 2 new male calves. More information is available at

Refuge RR for Horses / The Canadian H.E.A.R.T. is located in Alexandria, Ontario, and has been operating for 22 years. They have a total of 700 animals. Refuge RR for the Horses does not only rescue horses as they have many farm animals in their care. They help and rescue companion animals (pets), wildlife, and farm animals, as well as horses. Please watch for details on their website for links to their newly created organization, The Canadian H.E.A.R.T which stands for The HorsE and Animal Rescue Team. The Canadian H.E.A.R.T is determined to make Canada a cruelty-free country; a place where animals are truly respected and protected. For more information visit

Please consider supporting TVA’s Support Local Farm Sanctuaries campaign in this wonderful opportunity for vegetarian/vegan outreach, especially from an animal compassion angle. Together, with TVA’s work in advocacy of a plant-based diet, and the local farm sanctuaries work saving farm animals, we can educate the public about the plight of farm animals and how a choosing a cruelty-free diet is the most compassionate choice.