The following are the best sites for finding veggie restaurants and food stores.

HappyCow’s Global Guide
Vegetarian & vegan restaurant and natural food store locations worldwide. Over 4000 listings. Links to yahoo maps. You can add ratings and reviews, and submit new listings and updates.
From Adelaide to Zurich, over 1000 fully vegetarian restaurants and 2000 mini-reviews listed. Only five listings per page, and nothing is dated so it is hard to tell how current the listings are.

Vegetarian USA
Much more than just restaurants. Pages for each state and major city also include sections for: Animal Rights, Back-to-the-land, Food Coops, Events, Living Food Lifestyle, Natural Food Stores, Organic Farmers Markets, Natural Healthcare, Vacation Spots, Groups, Yoga, and more. There is also vacation spots sorted by state, a very useful listing by type (such as B&B’s, spas, yoga, raw foods, etc), and many around the world. There are symbols for vegetarian, vegan and raw. Nothing is dated so it is hard to tell how current the listings are.
Listings for over 3000 veggie restaurants, stores, and other services worldwide but mostly in USA. You can edit the listings, add new places, or write mini reviews. Listings can be easily sorted by rating, price range, name, or how vegetarian they are. Links to google maps.

Veggie Places
Listings for close to 1000 veggie restaurants, hotels, pubs and shops mostly in the UK. They are  starting to add listings for other countries. If you register you can receive email updates for a certain area, add new places, or write mini reviews. Only five listings per page, but everything is dated and there are links to mapquest. Plus there is an interactive google map for the UK. 

Canadian veggie restaurants & food stores

HappyCow’s Global Guide
Listings for over 360 vegetarian restaurants & health food stores in Canada.
Listings for restaurants across Canada.
Listings for over 220 veggie restaurants, stores, and other services in Canada .

Veg P.E.I
A Vegan’s guide to Prince Edward Island.

New York City has the best list for NYC. Over 250 restaurants and bakeries, all with google maps. A simple search and advanced search makes it very easy to find places. Listings include comments and ratings.

Note: For general links and forums for discussing vegetarian topics see our main links page. World vacation links are listed at the bottom of our vacations page. For raw food links see our Raw Foods page.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 02 February 2010 )