Governor General Invited to Vegetarian Meal at Community Festival

June, 2009

Governor General cries out cultural experience, while Toronto Vegetarian Association invites her to a healthier and greener tradition – vegetarianism. Partaking in a vegetarian diet is a great way to reduce one’s environmental impact and improve the health of Canadians.

TORONTO- Responding to the controversy that has erupted around the Governor General’s participation in a traditional Inuit seal feast, the Toronto Vegetarian Association is providing the Governor General with an opportunity to make amends.

Since the incident, which has many animal activists up in arms, the Governor General has explained that “it would have been an insult” not to participate in the traditional feast at which she ate the heart of a seal.

“Vegetarianism is a way of life that’s been around for a long time too,” stated David Alexander, Executive Director of the Toronto Vegetarian Association. “We’re inviting the Governor General to enjoy a traditional vegetarian meal at our 25th Annual Vegetarian Food Fair.”

This September, the Vegetarian Food Fair will celebrate its 25th Anniversary with a diversity of vegetarian favourites including Chinese stir-fries, Indian dosas, vegan Jamaican patties and much more.

While many vegetarians choose to cut out meal for compassionate reasons, there are other compelling reasons that are beneficial for all Canadians:

  • The environmental impact of meat production accounts for 30 % of land usage. Switching to a vegetarian diet would eliminate 1.5 tones of CO2 equivalent gases per year. Millions of tones of methane, a potent greenhouse gas, would also be saved every year due to reduced emissions from farms.
  • Health implications due to eating meat are especially harmful to the Aboriginal community who are at high risk for heart disease and diabetes. A low-glycemic vegetarian diet has shown to prevent and even reverse these illnesses.

This year’s Vegetarian Food Fair will be presenting several talks and workshops regarding healthy nutrition for individuals at high risk for heart disease and diabetes.

About the 25th Annual Vegetarian Food Fair

The 25th Annual Vegetarian Food Fair: Sept. 11–13 – Fri. 4–9 pm; Sat.12 pm–9 pm and Sun. 12 pm–7 pm –Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, Canada. The Toronto Vegetarian Association hosts the largest event of its kind in North America. This year marks the 25th Anniversary of this special event, which gives visitors an unparalleled opportunity to enjoy a diverse cross-section of vegetarian cuisine. Discover new products and ideas from more than 100 exhibitors and enjoy a wide variety of presentations, workshops, cooking demos, the World Café’s vegetarian cuisine. Whether looking for the newest health product on the market or interested in learning how to prepare a nutritious meal for your family, the Fair is a wonderful opportunity for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.  For more information visit Admission is free.
About Toronto Vegetarian Association

Founded in 1945, the Toronto Vegetarian Association is a volunteer-driven charitable organization devoted to providing information and support to people who are interested in making healthier, greener, more peaceful food choices. This is done through programs such as the Veggie Challenge which provides daily emails with helpful tips and recipes to participants, The Annual Vegetarian Food Fair held at Harbourfront Centre hosts free cooking demonstrations and talks between September 11-13, 2009, and which provides nutritional information, upcoming vegetarian related events and listings of restaurants in the city.

Media Contact:
Mishka Alarcon
Special Events and Sponsorship Coordinator
Toronto Vegetarian Association