For breakfast

Best: Spelt toast with peanut butter, mint jelly & honey. Plain oatmeal with banana slices, lots of fresh fruits, raisin bran with soy milk. Some wicked vegan pancakes from How It All Vegan (cookbook). Toasted bagel with scrambled eggs. Quinoa with cucumber & tomato. Leftover vegetarian Indian thali!
Worst: Wheat grass.


Best: Stir-fry vegetables including carrots, celery, onion, red peppers, cubanelle peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, and mushrooms (the best, yummiest substitute for meat, especially porcini). Harvey’s veggie burger, Veggie subs, Veggie pizza. Licks Garden Burger. Soy “ham” on whole wheat. Fruit smoothies YUMMY!
Worst: Veggie wieners.


Best: Pesto spaghettini. Rice pasta rotini with tomato sauce, Spicy hot and sour Chinese soup with cabbage and tofu. So-Soya chow mein stir-fry. Pete’s Herbed Tofu in pasta sauce. Homemade pizza with veg and tofu. I love steamed vegetables, vegetarian lasagna, and millet patties. Frying up cubes of firm tofu and adding curry or spinach and throwing the mix over rice or pasta. I love sweet potato 1000 ways!
Worst: Veggie ground round tacos*. Grilled veggie cheese sandwiches. BBq’d veggie dogs – I over did them and they turned into tire rubber.

*Kayla writes Feb 3, 2008: “I have found that if you use two packages of ground round and then a package of El Paso taco spice mix (reduced salt version) it makes delicious tacos.”


Best: Honeydew melons, Non-dairy frozen desserts (like soy gelato). Que pasa organic tortilla chips with organic salsa or organic avocado dip (cilantro, avocado, red pepper, paprika, lemon). Matzos with light cream cheese. Cheese and crackers – swiss and edam are my faves. Toasted pita with dip (hummus, babaganoush, onion, tofu, etc.) Chocolate beet cake (amazing). Carob macaroons. I fell in love with dried mango and cantaloupe.
Worst: Tofu pudding